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Servicing available at 4 different stages, small, intermediate and full service.

Small Service - Oil and Oil Filter change, fluid and safety checks.

Intermediate Service - Oil and Air Filters, Oil Change, fluid and safety checks.

Full Service - Oil and Air Filters, Spark Plugs, Oil and Coolant change, safety checks.

Major Service - Valve Clearance Service - POA

All parts supplied are OE parts or aftermarket, oil used will be to manufacturers recommended specification, please confirm when booking.


Brake Servicing


Brake Pad Servicing includes caliper clean as well as pad change and disc inspection.

Suspension Servicing

Suspension rebuild service, front fork rebuild includes all seals, fork oil and air gap level set.

Uprated springs available upon request, no extra labour costs whilst we are servicing your forks.

We are able to offer a mail order service on fork rebuilds, it is the customer's responsibility to send their forks to us.

Suspension Set Up

Motorcycle manufacturers produce their motorcycles to operate within a particular rider weight range and riding style that suits many riders needs. Many riders often find that their riding styles, weights or uses fall outside of these ranges.


Your motorcycle has adjustable suspension for a reason, to have it perform how you would expect.


Ergonomics Set Up


Ergonomics on the machine plays a vital part in how you feel on the bike, we will adjust (where possible) parts on your bike to make you ride more comfortably and smoothly.

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